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Base Stations

The Ericsson versatile portfolio of radio base stations gives an unrivalled flexibility when it comes to providing coverage and capacity for all applications, ranging from rural to dense urban deployment scenarios.

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3GPP technologies

All major 3GPP and 3GPP2 technology tracks are supported namely: GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA, CDMA and LTE.

All-in-One Outdoor Enclosure

The All-in-One Outdoor Enclosure encapsulates any multi-standard/multi-ba

nd radio, transmission and power equipment within a single type of enclosure.

This new enclosure can handle twice the radio capacity compared with the current generation*, and all of this is delivered together with multiple climate options for optimum energy efficiency from the start. The enclosure allows for mixing of functionality and applications in one or several cabinets within the same enclosure system. In addition, the spare part handling is more cost efficient as only one inventory of spare parts can be used to support all enclosure systems.

The multi flexible All-in-One Outdoor enclosure is modular and upgradeable. It simplifies deployment, operation and maintenance and therefore helps operators to cost-efficiently handle the future, massive data growth in the Networked Society, using tailor-made configurations from the start.


Supports any radio, transmission or power configuration. Multiple climate options available from the start. When configured as an RBS, the enclosure supports multi standard and multi band capability. The interfaces, internal and external, allow the user to expand internally within available space or when adding another cabinet side by side.

All sub units (i.e. radio units, digital units, etc.) from Ericsson will accurately fit inside the All-in-One Outdoor Enclosure cabinet and will work accordingly.

Double Radio Capacity

The New RBS 6120 has been designed to support twice the radio capacity* on the same footprint, and additionally, an increase of baseband capacity.

Full Flexibility

The new generation All-in-One Outdoor Enclosure is a long term investment and has been designed to be flexible and support any expansion or hybrid-solution needed in the future. A carry to site modularity secures faster deployment and time to revenue. Its modularity reduces the number of spare parts and with it, the number of existing cabinet types.

More information is found in the press release

* Compared to existing RBS 6000 outdoor portfolio

RBS 6000 Owning the future

The RBS 6000 is a no-compromise, energy efficient compact site solution that supports GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA and LTE in a single package. The RBS 6000 is built with a state of the art technology and at the same time provides backwards compatibility with the highly successful RBS 2000 and RBS 3000 product lines. Base stations delivered since 2001 are LTE capable. We call this a revolutionary evolution.

As a multi-standard base station, the RBS 6000 offers many options that make choices simpler while providing greater freedom of choice. Cost-effective deployment and development of new, high-speed mobile broadband services, mobile TV and web applications requires a smart solution that provides a performance leap. The RBS 6000 family not only ensures a smooth transition to new technology and functionality minimizing OPEX, but also reduces environmental impact.

Heterogeneous networks

Heterogenous networks support very high traffic volumes and data rates through a seamless combination of low-power radio technologies. The concept includes pico cells and WiFi access points as well as tools to improve and densify the macro network.

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