Ericsson M7450

With the rollout of LTE and LTE Advanced technologies, device manufacturers face a number of new challenges. Operators require devices that support an increased number of frequency bands, and consumers expect increased data speeds, constant app coverage and improved battery lifetime. Device makers, however, cannot compromise on device design, and will need modem solutions that can do even more within the same footprint.

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Carrier Aggregation is one of the most important features in LTE Advanced that helps to address these challenges. It overcomes the fragmentation of the frequency spectrum by using multiple component carriers to increase bandwidth and data rate for an individual user. 

The Ericsson M7450 is a multimode multiband platform supporting Carrier Aggregation with a single chip radio frequency transceiver and support for more than 20 bands. The complete modem is a highly integrated two-chip solution, delivering download speeds up to 150Mbps. It is based on a revolutionary architecture which enables market-leading power consumption, stability and flexibility. 

Ericsson M7450 solves the design challenges and adds a number of new features in a solution footprint, which makes it possible for phone manufacturers to add LTE Advanced without increasing the device size.


For global devices


Radio with support for more than 20 bands.

Smallest solution

Highly integrated two-chip solution with integrated RAM and Carrier Aggregation in a single RF transceiver.

Power-efficient, stable and flexible architecture.

For all devices

Integrated and tested with a number of Application Processors

Complete and pretested reference design

Certified by operators globally

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