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Marconi OMS 1600

The Marconi OMS 1600 Optical Multi-Service Metro is a compact and advanced multiservice transport and switching platform (MSTP/MSPP).

  • Overview

The Marconi OMS 1600 Optical Multi-Service Metro is acompact and advanced multiservice transport and switching platform (MSTP/MSPP).

Product description

The Marconi OMS 1600 family is optimized for the delivery ofa wide range of traditional and data services from an SDH or SDH/DWDM/OTNinfrastructure. It enables operators to respond profitably to the demand forFull Service Broadband services.

Marconi OMS 1600 enables significant network simplification, and rapid andefficient delivery of multiple services. It is a compact, multiservicetransport and switching platform designed specifically for an environment ofgrowing demand for new data services.


  • Advanced, compact MSPP with 2Mbit/s switching granularity
  • Integrated data and WDM technology
  • Extensive range of protection options
  • Dual SDH/data architecture for future-proof flexibility and cost effective delivery of mixed services
  • High port density multirate cards with SFP/XFP interfaces
  • Full non-blocking VC-12 20-60Gbit/s switch, in-service upgrade
  • Supports multiple packet switch cards each with up to 20Gbit/s capacity
  • In-service upgrade of line rates from 2.5 to 10Gbit/s
  • Full range of high density, flexible SDH and PDH cards
  • Data cards with transport and switching options enabling E-Line, E-LAN and E-Tree services
  • Data Transport rates up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • GFP, VCAT and LCAS for data transport
  • 802.1Q, MSTP and RSTP for data switching
  • Ethernet OAM for carrier class Quality of Service
  • LLF for rapid protection switching
  • Ethernet Port Extension for managed remote delivery
  • Embedded DWDM and OTN carrier grade optical transport

Main applications

  • Carrier class, robust, resilient SDH transport for cost effective interconnect of data equipment in a packet switched network
  • Mobile backhaul with range of high density interfaces, consolidation and grooming of both 2M and FastE.
  • Cost effectively addresses TDM to Data migration of mobile transport.
  • Mobile core with transport and data features allowing integration within a Packet Switched network [integrated within Mobile-PBN].
  • Metro core with tunable WDM 10G interfaces and high switch capacity for cost effective integration within the OTN core.
  • Metro edge with full range of high density traffic cards enabling mass hubbing of SDH and Data access and interfaces.
  • Business Data with scalable and highly configurable cards enabling service delivery at rates from Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s.
  • Ethernet over SDH transport from 10M Ethernet up to 10G Ethernet
  • Residential multi-service with Ethernet switching, IGMP snooping and integrated WDM delivering services to DSLAMs as part of IP TV rollout.


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