Site Build (Zero Site)

Ericsson complete Site Build portfolio covers all types of sites, micro, macro and small cells. We can offer end to end solutions for any deployment scenario, from 4- 40 meter high solutions to carrier-grade Central office sites securing reliable, profitable services.

The portfolio contains a pamflett of Site Build solutions in various sizes, 12-15 meters high Capsule sites for Urban areas or areas where aestethics are of great importance, Ericsson Tower Tube and Tubular site for multi-vendor sites where a higher tower is needed. Zero site and City sites are the new offerings in the portfolio for network densification in city environment

Containerized solutions both for Core and Radio can also be tailor-made on request.

  • Overview

Ericsson Zero Site is new and exciting site solution thatEricsson has developed for network densification in outdoor city environments.The general concept is to integrate small cell solutions with street lightpoles, which enables mass deployment of complete solutions with optimal urbancoverage but minimum visual impact. It is a fully encapsulated solution foroutdoor site deployments.

mRRUs /RRUs and antennas (or AIR-units)are placed in the top of the light pole while other equipment, such as multibase-band units, power ,battery, cooling and remote site controller etc are placed in an underground equipment chamber.

The Zero Site addresses two major issues facing citiesacross the world. One is that the population is growing at the rate of 7500people per hour, requiring more basic services such as lighting. It alsoaddresses the key issue of network site acquisition in dense urbanenvironments.

The Zero site solution is developed in cooperation withPhilips .The lights used with Zero site are very modern low power LED lights.The cities may achieve power savings (Opex) of up to 50-70% by modernizing thelights.

The high level features of Zero sites are outlined below -Radom modules Supports multiple RF configurations like

  • Multi mRRU /RBS with inbuilt or external antenna
  • RRUs with external antenna

The equipment chamber is buried underneath the light poleand can hold

  • Multi base-band units (each technology)
  • Transmission equipment (combined on site level)
  • Ericsson site controller
  • Power and battery

Pole and color options

  • Multiple height options starting from 8 meter upto 12 meters
  • Color options as per the cities aesthetic requirements

Zero Site Solution is available for low volume deployments /POCs .


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