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Ericsson Wallet Platform

Sending money can be as easy as sending a text, and receiving money as simple as receiving a phone call with the flexible, secure Ericsson Wallet Platform mobile wallet solution.

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Ericsson Wallet Platform Overview

Expand your product offerings and boost your customer base with banking beyond banks. The Ericsson Wallet Platform is a mobile wallet solution that lets people conduct banking transactions with ease, directly from their mobile device. And with four times as many mobile subscribers as people with bank accounts, it’s an opportunity to conveniently bring banking to billions across the globe.

What is Ericsson Wallet Platform?

Part of the Ericsson M-Commerce portfolio, Ericsson Wallet Platform lets you allow users to store, transfer and withdraw money using Ericsson’s connected mobile payment network. Ericsson Wallet Platform features include:

Open platform. Design services for multiple consumer segments.

Enhanced user experience. Deploy better user interfaces that can lead to a more active wallet.

Easy integration. Seamlessly merge with existing technology.

Complete security. Connect securely to the ecosystem around you.

Built-in compliance. Adhere to all rules and regulations or get help through our Regulatory Outreach Program.

Why Use Ericsson Wallet Platform?

With hundreds of mobile payment solutions on the market, you need a tried and tested platform. Building on years of experience, our mobile wallet platform ensures that you give your customers the digital experience they’ve come to expect: simple, functional, and relevant. Ericsson Wallet Platform also allows you to:

Discover new revenue streams. Generate revenue through interest float, transaction fees, subscription fees, account management, and currency exchange.

Attract new customers. Build your customer base with our secure and easy-to-use platform.

Expand your services. Launch related payment services while offering new services to merchants and financial institutions.

Build attractive user interfaces. Build interfaces via APIs that are not only engaging, but also popular.

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