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NetComplete® Ethernet Test and Troubleshooting Application

Centralized Ethernet Turn-Up Test and Troubleshooting tool for Service Activation of Business Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul applications.

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Automated, centralized network testing

An integral part of the JDSU NetComplete® Service Assurance portfolio, Ethernet T&T Application is a powerful test and management Operation Support System (OSS) that serves at the core of a successful Quality of Service (QoS) test and monitoring strategy for both IP packet and TDM circuit networks supporting xDSL, Ethernet, IP data, DS3/1/0, E1,VF, DDS, SONET and SDH/PDH.


  • Streamlines service and network test and monitoring by providing 24x7 automated test and monitoring from a centralized location.
  • Point and click operation enables rapid turn-up and recovery - dramatically improving customer service, minimizing revenue losses associated with service outages.
  • Flow-through service turn-up validation accelerates time to billable revenue.
  • Common tool supporting testing of multiple communication service, both next-generation IP packet network services and traditional TDM transport network services, all from a single platform reduces costs of supporting multiple toolsets.
  • Effective management of test resource administration from a centralized common graphical user interface simplifies maintaining distributed test resources.
  • Flexible, scaleable architecture that easily accommodates growth as the service provider's network evolves.
  • Designed for evolving network operations and IT infrastructures
  • with open APIs to accelerate the integration of test functionality with other business process work flows.


  • Automatic flow through service turn-up verification.
  • Standardization of best practice testing.
  • Integrated test management of multiple services.
  • Rapid network problem sectionalization and fault isolation.
  • Scheduled testing.
  • Ethernet/xDSL access technology testing.
  • IP data service quality and availability testing and monitoring.
  • Transport services from DS0 to OC-192 and E1 to STM-64 testing.

Key Features

  • Powerful scheduling, scripting and test/results management functions.
  • Open APIs to facilitate simple integration with existing OSS and back-office systems.
  • JAVA, XML and Web Service Architecture (SOA) simplify custom feature additions.
  • Flexible, scalable and modular deployment options.
  • IT firewall compliant, secure encrypted network communications support.

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